Functional Statement:


To facilitate the timely movement of persons to a safe place in an emergency.


To minimize the risk of injury to persons as a result of tripping, slipping, falling, contact, drowning or collision.


OS3.7, OS3.1



Minimum height of guards protecting the open sides of platforms, balconies and stairways forming part of a fire escape referred to in Sentence, where:
This applies to fire escapes serving floor areas that are intended for occupancy, including mezzanines as stated in Sentence, in buildings described in Sentence of Division A.
This also applies to:


To exempt guards protecting fire escape platforms, balconies and stairways from the requirements of Sentence and permit a lower minimum guard height, on the basis that the fire escapes will be used infrequently.
This [the minimum guard height] is to limit the probability that:
  • persons using the fire escape will fall over the guard from a higher level to a lower level, which could lead to harm to persons, and
  • the absence of a high guard will inhibit the use of the fire escape during an emergency situation, which could lead to delays in the evacuation or movement of persons to a safe place, which could lead to harm to persons.