Most technical provisions of the BC Fire Code describe how the code’s objectives and functional statements are achieved. However, some provisions, like this one, do not relate directly to a code objective. The following analysis is provided to assist in understanding of the provision.



Openable windows, in buildings of residential occupancy to which Part 9 applies [see Sentence of Division A for application of Part 9]:
  • that serve dwelling units that are not located above another suite,
  • in which the only opening greater than 100 mm by 380 mm is a horizontal opening at the top of the window,
  • that have their sill located more than 450 mm above the finished floor on one side of the window, and
  • that are located in rooms or spaces where the finished floor described in Clause (c) is located less than 1 800 mm above the floor or ground on the other side of the window.


To exempt windows where the risk of falling or the harm that would result from a fall is limited from the application of Sentence