Most technical provisions of the BC Fire Code describe how the code’s objectives and functional statements are achieved. However, some provisions, like this one, do not relate directly to a code objective. The following analysis is provided to assist in understanding of the provision.



Concrete for columns, in buildings to which Part 9 applies [see Sentence of Division A for application of Part 9], that are used to support:
  • beams carrying loads from not more than 2 wood-frame floors where
    • the supported length of joists bearing on such beams does not exceed 5 m, and
    • the live load on any floor does not exceed 2.4 kPa,
  • beams or header joists carrying loads from not more than 2 levels of wood-frame balconies, decks or other accessible, exterior platforms, or 1 level plus roof, where
    • the supported length of joists supported by such beams or rim joists does not exceed 5 m,
    • the sum of the specified snow and occupancy loads on the platform type construction or roof does not exceed 4.8 kPa,
    • the platform serves only a single suite of residential occupancy, and
    • the platform does not serve as a required exit, and
  • carport roofs.


To direct Code users to Section 9.3., which contains detailed requirements for design, mixing, placing, curing and testing of concrete.