Most technical provisions of the BC Fire Code describe how the code’s objectives and functional statements are achieved. However, some provisions, like this one, do not relate directly to a code objective. The following analysis is provided to assist in understanding of the provision.



Design, mixing, placing and curing of site-batched, cast-in-place concrete that is not required to be reinforced that is used in:
  • footings, foundation walls, walls, columns, grade beams and piers,
  • basement floors, crawl space ground cover, garage and carport floors,
  • exterior steps, including steps providing structural support (to guards or handrails, for example), and
  • fireplaces and chimneys.
This applies to buildings to which Part 9 applies [see Sentence of Division A for application of Part 9].


To state the application of Article to
To exempt site-batched concrete from compliance with CAN/CSA-A438 as required by Sentence (1) for cast-in-place concrete.