Most technical provisions of the BC Fire Code describe how the code’s objectives and functional statements are achieved. However, some provisions, like this one, do not relate directly to a code objective. The following analysis is provided to assist in understanding of the provision.



Landings at the top of exterior stairs serving a secondary entrance to a single dwelling unit, in buildings to which Part 9 applies [see Sentence of Division A for application of Part 9], where
  • the stair does not contain more than 3 risers,
  • the principal door is a sliding door or swings away from the stair, and
  • only a storm or screen door, if any, swings over the stair and is equipped with hardware to hold the door open.


To exempt certain stairs from the application of Sentence, which would otherwise require a landing, in situations where an entrance with a safer configuration is provided and where users are likely to be familiar with the conditions.