Most technical provisions of the BC Fire Code describe how the code’s objectives and functional statements are achieved. However, some provisions, like this one, do not relate directly to a code objective. The following analysis is provided to assist in understanding of the provision.



Anchorage of exterior columns and posts, or of supported joists or beams, in wood-frame constructions to which Section 9.23. applies [see Sentence for application of Section 9.23.], where the columns or posts support balconies, decks, verandas or other exterior platforms, where the distance from finished ground to the underside of the joists is not more than 600 mm, and where the platforms:
  • are not more than one storey in height,
  • are not more than 55 m2 in area,
  • do not support a roof, and
  • are not attached to another structure unless it can be shown that differential movement will not adversely affect that structure.


To exempt certain platforms from the requirement for anchorage stated in Sentences and, in cases where adverse effects from differential movement are unlikely to occur.