Functional Statement:


To limit moisture condensation.


To maintain appropriate air and surface temperatures.


To limit moisture condensation.


OH1.1, OH1.2



Installation of:
  • building materials that resist heat transfer through building components and assemblies, and through interfaces between components and assemblies, or
  • means to dissipate transferred heat from within assemblies to the outside.
This applies to building materials, components, assemblies and their interfaces described in Sentence that are installed in buildings to which Part 5 applies [see Sentence of Division A for application of Part 5].
This sentence also applies to building regulated by the provisions of Part 3 and Part 9.


To limit the probability of the inadequate control of heat transfer through environmental separators under expected environmental loads, which could lead to:
  • excessive heat loss or gain, or
  • the condensation of moisture from interior spaces on warm-side surfaces.
This is to limit the probability of:
  • the inadequate control of temperatures of interior spaces,
  • the generation of pollutants from biological growth or from materials that become unstable on wetting, or
  • deterioration, which could lead to compromised integrity of environmental separators.
This is to limit the probability of:
  • negative effects on the air quality of indoor spaces, and
  • the inadequate thermal comfort of persons.
This is to limit the probability of harm to persons.
VBBL designates additional energy measure, as described in Article of Division A and Sentence of Division B to include Green House Gases mitigation.