Division B
Acceptable Solutions

Part 2 — Plumbing Systems

Section 2.7. Non-Potable Water Systems

2.7.1. Connection Not Permitted
1) Intent StatementA non-potable water system shall not be connected to a potable water system.

2.7.2. Identification Markings Required
1) change beginThe location of nonchange end-potable water change begindischarge and non-potable waterchange end piping shall be identified by markings that are permanent, distinct and easily recognized.


2.7.3. Location Pipes
1) Intent StatementNon-potable water piping shall not be located
a) where food is prepared in a food-processing plant,
b) above food-handling equipment,
c) above a non-pressurized potable water tank, or
d) above a cover of a pressurized potable water tank. Outlets
1) Intent StatementAn outlet from a non-potable water system shall not be located where it can discharge into
a) a sink or lavatory,
b) a fixture into which an outlet from a potable water system is discharged, or
c) a fixture that is used for the preparation, handling or dispensing of food, drink or products that are intended for human consumption.
(See Appendix A.)

2.7.4. change beginDesignchange end

contentHistory change beginNon-potable Water System Design
(See Appendix A.)change end
1) change beginNon-potable water systems shall be designed, fabricated and installed in accordance with good engineering practice, such as that described in the ASHRAE Handbooks, ASPE Handbooks and CAN/CSA-B128.1, “Design and Installation of Non-Potable Water Systems.”change end


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