Division A
Compliance, Objectives and Functional Statements

Part 1 — Compliance

Section 1.2. Compliance

1.2.1. Compliance with this Code Compliance with this Code
1) Compliance with this Code shall be achieved by
a) complying with the applicable acceptable solutions in Division B (see Appendix A), or
b) change beginusing alternative solutions, accepted by the authority having jurisdiction under Section 2.3. of Division C, that will achieve at least the minimum level of performance required by Division B in the areas defined by the objectives and functional statements attributed to the applicable acceptable solutions (see Appendix A).change end


2) For the purposes of compliance with this Code as required in Clause, the objectives and functional statements attributed to the acceptable solutions in Division B shall be the objectives and functional statements referred to in Subsection 1.1.2. of Division B.
3) change beginDespite Clause, an alternative solution shall not be used in place of an acceptable solution if the acceptable solution expressly requires conformance to a provincial enactment other than Book I (General) or Book II (Plumbing Systems) of the British Columbia Building Code.change end change beginResponsibility of Owner
1) Unless otherwise specified in this Code, the owner of a building shall be the person responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Code in relation to plumbing systems for that building.
2) The owner of a building is in no way relieved of full responsibility for complying with this Code by the authority having jurisdiction
a) granting the building permit,
b) approving drawings or specifications, or
c) carrying out inspections.change end

1.2.2. Materials, Systems and Equipment Characteristics of Materials, Systems and Equipment
1) All materials, systems and equipment installed to meet the requirements of this Code shall be free of defects and possess the necessary characteristics to perform their intended functions when installed. Used Materials and Equipment
1) Used materials and equipment, including fixtures, shall not be reused unless they meet the requirements of this Code for new materials and equipment and are otherwise satisfactory for their intended use.

1.2.3. change beginInstallation Personnel Performing Plumbing Work
1) Personnel performing the installation, extension, alteration, renewal or repair of a plumbing system shall
a) possess a change beginCanadianchange end tradesman’s qualification certification as a plumber,
b) be an indentured apprentice supervised by a journeyman who meets the criteria set out in Clause (a), or
c) be the registered owner and occupant or intended occupant of the single family dwelling in which the plumbing work will occur.change end