Division A
Compliance, Objectives and Functional Statements

Part 1 — Compliance

Section 1.5. Referenced Documents and Organizations

1.5.1. Referenced Documents Application of Referenced Documents

1) The provisions of documents referenced in this By-law, and of any documents referenced within those documents, apply only to the extent that they relate to

a) buildings

b)plumbing systems, and

c)the objectives and functional statements attributed to the applicable acceptable solutions in Division B where the documents are referenced.

(See Appendix A.) Conflicting Requirements

1) In case of conflict between the provisions of this By-law and those of a referenced document, the provisions of this By-law shall govern. Applicable Editions

1) Where documents are referenced in this By-law, they shall be the editions designated in Subsection 1.3.1. of Division B.

1.5.2. Organizations Abbreviations of Proper Names

1) The abbreviations of proper names in this By-law shall have the meanings assigned to them in Article of Division B.