Division C
Administrative Provisions

Part 1AAdministration — Building

Section 1A.2. General Responsibilities

1A.2.1. Responsibilities

1A.2.1.1. Contravention

1) No person shall fail to comply with an order or notice issued by the Chief Building Official.

1A.2.1.2. No Work Without Permit

1) No person shall work or authorize or allow work to proceed on a project for which a permit is required unless a valid permit exists for the work to be done.

1A.2.1.3. Deviation Needs Prior Approval

1) No person shall deviate from the plans and specifications forming part of the building permit, or omit or fail to complete prior to occupancy, work required by the said plans and specifications without first having obtained in writing the approval of the Chief Building Official to do so.

1A.2.1.4. Unsafe Conditions

1) No person who is an owner of a building, and no person who is involved in the construction, reconstruction, demolition, alteration, removal, relocation or occupancy of a building shall cause, allow or maintain any unsafe condition. [See Appendix A.]

1A.2.1.5. Work on Public Property

1) No person shall excavate or undertake work on, over or under public property, or erect or place any construction or work or store any materials thereon without approval having first been obtained in writing from the appropriate government authority having jurisdiction over such public property. [See Appendix A.]

1A.2.1.6. Property Changes

1) No person shall allow the ground elevations or property boundaries of a building lot to be so changed as to place a building or part thereof in contravention of this By-law, unless the building or part thereof is so altered, after obtaining the necessary permit, so that no contravention will occur as a result of the change of the ground elevation or property boundary. [See Appendix A.]

1A.2.1.7. False Information

1) No person shall knowingly submit false or misleading information to the Chief Building Official.