Division C
Administrative Provisions

Part 1AAdministration — Building

Section 1A.7. Permits, Applications and Fees

1A.7.1. Permits

1A.7.1.1. When a Permit is Required

1) A permit is required whenever work regulated by this By-Law is to be undertaken.

1A.7.1.2. Additional Permits

1) In addition to the permits required in Article 1A.7.1.1., permits with respect to building components and services, such as gas, and electricity, may be required by the Chief Building Official.

1A.7.2. Application for Permit

1A.7.2.1. Owner Requirement

1) To obtain a permit, the owner shall file an application in writing on the prescribed form.

1A.7.2.2. Application Form

1) Except as otherwise allowed by the Chief Building Official every application shall

a)identify and describe in detail the work and occupancy to be covered by the permit for which an application is made,

b)describe the land on which the work is to be done by a description that will readily identify and locate the building lot,

c)include plans and specifications to standards conforming with Subsections 2.2.2. to 2.2.6., unless otherwise accepted by the Chief Building Official, and show the occupancy of all parts of the building,

d)state the valuation of the proposed work and be accompanied by the required permit fee, and

e)state the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the owner, designers and constructors.

[See Appendix A.]

1A.7.2.3. Valuation for Permit

1) The valuation to be shown on the application for the permit shall reflect the total current monetary worth of all construction or work related to the building, including interior finishes, roofing, electrical, plumbing, drains, heating, air-conditioning, fire extinguishing systems, elevators, and any other equipment or materials, including the use of hoisting or erection devices necessary for completion of the construction.

2) In addition to Sentence (1), the valuation shall include the current monetary worth of all plans and specifications, labour and fees involved in the design, investigative testing, consulting services, construction labour and management, contractor's profit and overhead, sales taxes, and construction insurance, involved for the building.

3) The current monetary worth, referred to in Sentences (1) and (2), shall include the value of all labour even if provided by the owner, or donated voluntarily by others, and the value of all materials, whether donated, recycled or used.

4) The current monetary worth of all portions of the building, including its mechanical, electrical, plumbing, drainage and gas installations, shall also be included in the valuation for the permit application, despite the fact that other permits and fees may be required by another By-law or statute for the individual installations.

1A.7.2.4. Alternate Means of Valuation

1) Where Article 1A.6.1.11. is used to value the work, the Chief Building Official may use an appropriate method from the "Marshall Valuation Services" publication, including their updated "current cost multiplier" and "current multipliers for Vancouver regional costs", or such other universal source of calculating valuation as the Chief Building Official deems practical and expedient.

1A.7.2.5. Fee Schedule

1) Permit fees shall be calculated in accordance with the Fee Schedule to this By-Law, and the fees for construction without a permit are as outlined in Article 1A.7.9.1.

1A.7.2.6. No Refund

1) Except as permitted in Article 1A.7.2.7., no permit fees or part thereof paid to the city shall be refunded if

a)construction authorized by a permit has commenced,

b)the permit has expired pursuant to Article 1A.7.6.1., or

c)the application has lapsed as outlined in Article 1A.7.2.8.

1A.7.2.7. Partial Refund

1) If construction which would require a permit by Subsection 1A.7.1. has not been commenced and the Chief Building Official approves, the Director of Finance may refund a portion of the fees paid to the city for either an application for a permit, or a permit, except that all costs owing to the city with respect to actions required by Article 1A.6.2.4. shall first be recovered.

1A.7.2.8. Lapsed Application

1) When an application for a permit has not been substantially completed in conformance with the requirements of this By-law within 6 months after the date of filing, or within 6 months of the last substantial activity with respect to the application, the application shall be deemed to have lapsed. [See Appendix A.]

1A.7.2.9. Renewed Application

1) If the Chief Building Official is of the opinion that substantial completion of the requirements of an application for a permit has been prevented because of reasonable circumstances, the Chief Building Official may renew the application once only for a period of 6 months provided that no more than 3 months have passed since the date the application was deemed to have lapsed, subject to any applicable amendments to the By-law since the date of filing the application.

1A.7.3. Applications for Staged Permits

1A.7.3.1. Staged Permit

1) A permit to construct a building in stages can only be applied for and obtained by a Certified Professional who shall make application to construct the entire building and shall file with the Chief Building Official complete plans and specifications for each portion of the work for which a staged permit is desired, as well as all other documentation required to be submitted pursuant to the Certification of Professionals By-law.

1A.7.3.2. Owner's Risk

1) Should a permit be issued for part of a building, the holder of such permit may proceed at the holder's own risk and without assurance that the permit for the entire building will be granted, on the express understanding that the site shall be restored by the permit holder to its original, but safe, state if the permit conditions cannot be met.

1A.7.3.3. Modified Application Review For Certified Professional Program

1) Where a Certified Professional's application is tendered with an acceptable submission for a permit, the Chief Building Official may issue a permit based upon a modified review of the submitted drawings, but subject to more detailed field review and follow-up responsibilities by the Certified Professional.

1A.7.3.4. Reduced Permit Fees For Certified Professional Program

1) Where a permit is issued subject to Article 1A.7.3.3., the Chief Building Official may modify the fees for such permit where the quality of services provided by the Certified Professional will allow substantially reduced involvement of city staff.

1A.7.4. Revisions

1A.7.4.1. Revisions to Applications

1) All revisions to the original application described in Article 1A.7.2.2. shall be made in the same manner as for the original permit.

2) When application documents are either incomplete or changed to the extent that an additional plan review is necessary, an additional revision fee shall be charged as set out in the Fee Schedule.

1A.7.4.2. Revisions to Permits

1) When revisions are made to the original permit described in Article 1A.7.2.1. a revision fee shall be charged as set out in the Fee Schedule.

1A.7.5. Extensions

1A.7.5.1. Chief Building Official May Extend Permit

1) If the Chief Building Official is of the opinion that substantial completion of the work has been prevented because of exceptional circumstances, the Chief Building Official may, with respect to a permit that has not expired and on the written request of the owner accompanied by the requisite extension fee, extend the permit once only provided that, in the meantime, no applicable amendments have been made to this By-law.

1A.7.5.2. Council May Extend Permit

1) Despite the fact that a permit has already been extended pursuant to Article 1A.7.5.1., Council may extend the permit for such further period or periods it deems appropriate and the Chief Building Official, upon payment of an extension fee, shall thereupon endorse the further extension or extensions on the permit.

1A.7.6. Expired Permits

1A.7.6.1. When a Permit Expires

1) Except as provided in Articles 1A.7.5.1. and 1A.7.5.2., a permit shall expire and the rights of the owner under the permit shall terminate if in the opinion of the Chief Building Official

a)the work authorized by the permit is not commenced within 6 months from the date of issue of the permit,

b)the work although commenced is not continuously and actively carried out thereafter, or

c)work has been substantially discontinued for a period of 6 months.

1A.7.7. Permit for a Temporary Building

1A.7.7.1. Definition of Temporary

1) The word "temporary" when used in this Subsection means a period not exceeding twelve months.

1A.7.7.2. Permit Required

1) No person shall erect a temporary building, structure or shelter without a permit.

1A.7.7.3. Application Requirements

1) The application for a temporary building permit shall be accompanied by

a)plans showing the location of the building on the site and all other existing buildings on the same property or on adjacent property to a distance of at least 10 feet of the property line,

b)construction details of the building,

c)a statement by the owner indicating the intended type of use and duration of such use, and

d)a bond or certified cheque, or other acceptable security sufficient, in the opinion of Chief Building Official, to guarantee that the building, structure or shelter will be entirely removed and the site left in a safe and sanitary condition when the permit has expired.

1A.7.7.4. Limited Time for Permit

1) Despite anything contained elsewhere in this By-law, the Chief Building Official may issue a permit for a temporary building authorizing for a limited time only the erection and existence of the building, or part thereof, for an occupancy which because of its nature, will exist for a short time, under circumstances which warrant only selective compliance with this By-law.

1A.7.7.5. Permit End Date

1) A permit for a temporary building shall state the date after which and the conditions under which the permit is no longer valid.

1A.7.7.6. Permit Extension

1) A permit for a temporary building may only be extended if prior permission is granted by Council.

1A.7.8. Tents and Air-Supported Structures

1A.7.8.1. Permit Required

1) Except where permitted by the Chief Building Official, a tent or air-supported structure shall not be erected unless a permit for a temporary building has been obtained.

1A.7.8.2. Requirement for Occupancy

1) Before issuing an occupancy permit for a tent or air-supported structure the Chief Building Official shall be satisfied that the tent or structure complies with Subsection 3.1.6. of Division B.

1A.7.9. Construction Without a Permit

1A.7.9.1. Work Without Permit Fee

1) If any construction for which a permit is required by this By-law has been commenced before a permit has been issued by the Chief Building Official, the owner of the real property on which the construction has been or is being done, shall pay to the city, double the fee set out in the Fee Schedule or $5000 plus the fee set out in the Fee Schedule, whichever is the lesser amount.

1A.7.9.2. Independent Tests and Investigations

1) If construction has advanced to a stage where compliance with this By-law cannot be readily determined, the Chief Building Official may, prior to the issuance of a building permit, require tests and investigations by an independent agency, at the owner's cost, to prove compliance or to recommend remedial measures or both.

1A.7.10. Necessity to Post Permit

1A.7.10.1. Posting a Permit

1) Every owner shall ensure that the permit authorizing the work, or a true copy of the permit, is posted conspicuously on the site or is affixed to a building during the entire execution of the work.

1A.7.10.2. Tampering with a Posted Permit

1) No person shall, unless authorized by the Chief Building Official, reverse, alter, deface, cover, remove or in any way tamper with a permit which has been posted on the site or affixed to a building pursuant to a provision of this By-law.