Division B
Acceptable Solutions

Part 9 — Housing and Small Buildings

Section 9.34. Electrical Facilities

9.34.1. General Standard for Electrical Installations

1) Electrical installations, including the service capacity of the installation and the number and distribution of circuits and receptacles, shall meet the requirements of the British Columbia “Electrical Safety Regulation.”

2) In addition to the requirement of Sentence (1), electrical installations in a one-family dwelling required to conform to Article shall comply with the following:I

a)the electrical service size may be based upon the demand load calculated on the total area of the dwelling unit, provided that:

i)for each electrical range additional to the first range, 6kw demand shall be added for a rating of 12 kw or less, plus 40% of the amount by which the rating of the range exceeds 12 kw and

ii)except for the electrical range referred to in paragraph (i) for each electrical appliance exceeding 1500 watts additional to those provided for one-family use, 100% of the rating of such appliance shall be added,

b)general circuit branch wiring may be interconnected between outlets located in the principal dwelling and the secondary suite, and

c)a single panelboard may supply electrical loads of the principal dwelling and the secondary suite, provided that it is located within the building in a common area accessible to all occupants of the building. Required Facilities

1) Where electrical services are available, electrical facilities shall be provided for every building in conformance with this Section.I Location of Equipment in Public Areas

1) Entrance switches, meters, panel boxes, splitter boxes, time clocks and other similar equipment shall not be located in any public area unless adequate precautions are taken to prevent interference with the equipment.I Recessed Lighting Fixtures

1) Recessed lighting fixtures shall not be located in insulated ceilings unless the fixtures are designed for such installations.I Wiring and Cables

1) Except as required in Sentence (2), electrical wiring and cables installed in buildings permitted to be of combustible construction shall conform to Sentence

2) Where a concealed space in a floor or ceiling assembly is used as a plenum, electrical wiring and cables within the plenum shall conform to Clause

9.34.2. Lighting Outlets

(See Appendix A.) Lighting of Entrances

1) An exterior lighting outlet with fixture controlled by a wall switch located within the building shall be provided at every entrance to buildings of residential occupancy.I Outlets in Dwelling Units

1) Except as provided in Sentence (2), a lighting outlet with fixture controlled by a wall switch shall be provided in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, water-closet rooms, vestibules and hallways in dwelling units.I

2) Where a receptacle controlled by a wall switch is provided in bedrooms or living rooms, such rooms need not conform to the requirements in Sentence (1).I Stairways

1) Every stairway shall be lighted.I

2) Except as provided in Sentence (3), 3-way wall switches located at the head and foot of every stairway shall be provided to control at least one lighting outlet with fixture for stairways with 4 or more risers in dwelling units.I

3) The stairway lighting for basements that do not contain finished space or lead to an outside entrance or built-in garage and which serve not more than one dwelling unit is permitted to be controlled by a single switch located at the head of the stairs.I Basements

1) A lighting outlet with fixture shall be provided for each 30 m2 or fraction thereof of floor area in unfinished basements.I

2) The outlet required in Sentence (1) nearest the stairs shall be controlled by a wall switch located at the head of the stairs.I Storage Rooms

1) A lighting outlet with fixture shall be provided in storage rooms.I Garages and Carports

1) A lighting outlet with fixture shall be provided for an attached, built-in or detached garage or carport.I

2) Except as provided in Sentence (3), outlets required in Sentence (1) shall be controlled by a wall switch near the doorway.I

3) Where the outlet and fixture required in Sentence (1) are ceiling mounted above an area not normally occupied by a parked car, or are wall mounted, a fixture with a built-in switch accessible to an adult of average height is permitted to be used.I

4) Where a carport is lighted by a light at the entrance to a dwelling unit, additional carport lighting is not required.I Public and Service Areas

1) Every public or service area in buildings shall be provided with lighting outlets with fixtures controlled by a wall switch or panel to illuminate every portion of such areas.I

2) When provided by incandescent lighting, illumination required in Sentence (1) shall conform to Table (See Article for lighting in means of egress.)I

3) When other types of lighting are used, illumination equivalent to that shown in Table shall be provided.I

Lighting for Public Areas
Forming Part of Sentences and (3)
Room or Space Minimum Illumination, lx Minimum Lighting Power Density,
W/m 2 of floor area
(incandescent lighting)
Storage rooms 50 5
Service rooms and laundry areas 200 20
Garages 50 5
Public water closet rooms 100 10
Service hallways and stairways 50 5
Recreation rooms 100 10

9.34.3. Emergency Lighting Criteria for Emergency Lighting

1) Emergency lighting shall conform to Subsection 9.9.11.I