Division B
Acceptable Solutions

Part 9 — Housing and Small Buildings

Section 9.5. Design of Areas and Spaces

9.5.1. General Method of Measurement

1) Unless otherwise indicated herein, dimensions of rooms or spaces shall be measured between finished wall surfaces and between finished floor and ceiling surfaces.I Combination Rooms
(See Appendix A.)

1) Two or more areas may be considered as a combination room if the opening between the areas occupies the larger of 3 m2 or 40% or more of the area of the wall measured on the side of the dependent area.I

2) Where the dependent area is a bedroom, direct passage shall be provided between the two areas.I

9.5.2. Access for Persons with Disabilities General

1) Every building shall be designed in conformance with Section 3.8.I Protection on Accessible Floor Areas

1) Where access is required to any floor area, the requirements in Article shall apply.

9.5.3. Ceiling Heights Ceiling Heights of Rooms or Spaces

1) The ceiling heights of rooms or spaces in residential occupancies shall conform to Table

2) Areas in rooms or spaces over which ceiling height is not less than the minimum specified in Table shall be contiguous with the entry or entries to those rooms or spaces.

Room Ceiling Heights
Forming Part of Sentences and (2)
Room or Space Minimum Ceiling Height, m Minimum Clear Height, m Minimum Area Over Which Minimum Ceiling Height Shall Be Provided(1)
Living room or space 2.1   Lesser of area of the space or 10.0 m2
Dining room or space 2.1   Lesser of area of the space or 5.2 m2
Kitchen or kitchen space 2.1   Lesser of area of the space or 3.2 m2
Master bedroom or bedroom space 2.1   Lesser of area of the space or 4.9 m2
Other bedroom or sleeping space 2.1   Lesser of area of the space or 3.5 m2
Unfinished basement including laundry area therein   2.0 Clear height under beams and in any location that would normally be used for passage
Bathroom, water-closet room or laundry area above grade 2.1   Lesser of area of the space or 2.2 m2
Passage, hall or main entrance vestibule 2.1   Area of the space
Habitable rooms and spaces not specifically mentioned above 2.1   Lesser of area of the space or 2.2 m2
Notes to Table

(1)  Area of the space shall be measured at floor level. Mezzanines

1) The ceiling height above and below a mezzanine floor assembly in occupancies other than residential occupancies shall be not less than 2.1 m.I Storage Garages

1) The clear height in a storage garage shall be not less than 2 m.I

9.5.4. Hallways Hallway Width

1) The unobstructed width of a hallway within a dwelling unit shall be not less than 860 mm, except that the hallway width is permitted to be 710 mm whereI

a)there are only bedrooms and bathrooms at the end of the hallway furthest from the living area, and

b)a second exit is provided

i)in the hallway near the end farthest from the living area, or

ii)in each bedroom served by the hallway.