Division A
Compliance, Objectives and Functional Statements

Part 2 — Objectives

Section 2.1. Application

2.1.1. Application Application

1) This Part applies to all buildings and plumbing systems covered in this By-law except for existing buildings. (See Article Application of Objectives

1) Except as provided in Sentences (2) to (5), the objectives described in this Part apply

a)to all buildings and plumbing systems covered in this By-law (See Article, and

b)only to the extent that they relate to compliance with this By-law as required in Article

2) Deleted.

3) Objective OH3, Noise Protection, applies only to dwelling units.

4) Objective OH5, Hazardous Substances Containment, applies only to the extent defined in

a)this By-law in relation to plumbing systems, and

b)the Fire By-law.

5) Objective OA, Accessibility (including Objective OA1, Accessible Path of Travel, and OA2, Accessible Facilities), does not apply to

a)in Group C, dwelling units, row houses, boarding houses and lodging houses,

b)in Group C, apartment buildings and condominiums except to the extent described in Article,

c)in Group E, shops and stores with a total retail floor space of less than 50 m2 (See A- in Division B),

d)Group F Division 1 occupancies, and

e)buildings that are not intended to be occupied on a daily or full-time basis, including automatic telephone exchanges, pump houses and substations.