Division B
Acceptable Solutions

Part 8 — Safety Measures at Construction and Demolition Sites

Section 8.1. General

8.1.1. Scope Scope

1) The scope of this Part shall be as described in Subsection 1.3.3. of Division A.I

2) This Part applies to fire safety and the protection of the public during the construction, alteration or demolition of every building, including any incompleted or abandoned building.I

3) Fire safety at construction and demolition sites shall conform to Section 5.6. of the Fire By-law.I Definitions

1) Words that appear in italics are defined in Article of Division A.I Demolition Procedures

1) Measures shall be taken during demolition to protect the public in conformance with CSA S350-M, “Code of Practice for Safety in Demolition of Structures,” and the Fire By-law.I

8.1.2. Application Application

1) Where a building is undergoing construction, alteration or demolition, measures shall be taken at the building site in conformance with this By-law. (See Appendix A.) I Protection from Risk

1) Precautions shall be taken to ensure that no person is exposed to undue risk.I

8.1.3. Construction Safety Program Program Content

1) Except as exempted by Article, before commencing any construction a Construction Safety Program shall be prepared which includesI

a)the names of and the emergency phone numbers for the constructor, the coordinating registered professional and the Construction Safety Officer,

b)details of the construction procedures relating to site access, traffic control, scaffolding and swing stages, protection at excavations, hoisting equipment (including its location and scheduling), fire protection facilities, material storage, waste material disposal, control of dust and debris, protection at the perimeters of all floor levels, barricades, covered walkways and any other requirements of the City Engineer, and

c)a construction site plan showing the location of the items required by Clause (b).

2) The Construction Safety Program shall be continuously amended to reflect the current stage of construction.I Exemptions

1) A Construction Safety Program is not required for minor interior alterations completely within a suite and minor alterations or additions to a one-family dwelling unless the Chief Building Official determines that such work may pose a hazard to persons occupying the building, to construction workers or to the public.I Posting Required

1) No construction shall commence until the details of the Construction Safety Program complying with Articles and have been posted on the construction site in compliance with Sentence (2).I

2) The information required by Sentence (1) shall beI

a)firmly affixed to plywood of a size not less than 600 mm by 600 mm, staked into the ground, protected by the weather and visible from the street, or

b)posted on the exterior of the principal construction site shelter provided for the construction workers and requirement, and shall remain posted at all times until construction is complete. Amendment

1) If the Chief Building Official, although under no duty to review construction safety plans, determines that the Construction Safety Program is deficient or is being wrongly applied, the Chief Building Official may require that the program be amended.

8.1.4. Construction Safety Officer Retention

1) Where a complex building as described in Division C Subsection 2.2.7. is being constructed, a full-time Construction Safety Officer shall be retained on the construction site.I Site Reviews Required

1) Where construction is actively proceeding, the Construction Safety Officer shall make site reviews at least twice daily to determine that all work on the construction site is proceeding safely and in conformance with the Construction Safety Program, and after each inspection shall post a copy of the review in the same manner as and in the same location as the Construction Safety Program.I Site Meetings Required

1) The Construction Safety Officer shall hold regular construction site meetings not less than monthly with the constructor and a representative of each trade to discuss the remediation of any unsafe work practices or unsafe conditions and safety concerns on or off the site.I Meeting Minutes

1) Minutes of the meetings required in Article shall be sent to the coordinating registered professional and shall be available at the construction site for inspection by the Chief Building Official or any person authorized by the Chief Building Official.I Notification of Program Violation

1) If the Construction Safety Officer notices that a procedure set out in the Construction Safety Program is not being followed at the site, the Construction Safety Officer shall immediately so inform the appropriate trades safety coordinator or, if that person is unavailable at the site, inform the supervisor for the appropriate sub-contractor.I

2) If corrective measures are not taken forthwith by the person informed in accordance with Sentence (1), the Construction Safety Officer shall inform the constructor or an agent of the constructor.I