Division B
Acceptable Solutions

Part 9 — Housing and Small Buildings

Section 9.1. General

9.1.1. Application Application

1) The application of this Part shall be as described in Subsection 1.3.3. of Division A. (See Appendix A regarding application to seasonally and intermittently occupied buildings.)I

2) Except for buildings described in Sentence of Division A, all newly constructed buildings shall be provided with an automatic sprinkler system designed and installed in accordance with Article Alternative Requirements for Existing Buildings

1) Requirements for existing buildings which are alternatives to those in this Part are contained in Part 10. [See Article, "Application to Existing Buildings", in Division A]I One-Family Dwelling

1) Construction of a one family dwelling with secondary suite shall meet the following requirementsI

a)fire compartmentation of the building as described in Table

b)the installation of smoke alarms in the building shall comply with Subsection 9.10.19.,

c)the installation of electrical facilities in the building shall comply with Subsection 9.34.1., and

d)the location of gas shut off valves controlling the flow of gas to appliances in the building shall be made readily accessible to all occupants, including occupants of a future secondary suite, having access to the appliances served by such valves. One-Family Dwelling with Secondary Suite

1) A one-family dwelling with secondary suite may be classified, for the purposes of this By-law, as a one family dwelling provided that the building is constructed in conformance with the requirements of Sentence or converted in conformance with the requirements of Subsection 10.3.3.I